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Positive Security News - Edition 3

Time for cyber-positivity.

  1. British right to repair law comes into force As of 1st July 2021, consumers will get new rights when it comes to prolonging the lifespan of various household tech such as dishwashers and TV's. Basically, manufacturers will be forced by law to ensure spare parts are available for between 7-10 years after the product goes to market. This means manufactures can't force new products down our throats when our smart dishwasher gets hacked and we need to buy a new one. The UK law doesn't apply to smartphones and laptops, but fingers crossed that will soon follow. There is however a movement in the US to make that happen so unnamed huge corporate powerhouses (Apple) can't force us to go to their not-so-Genuis-and-very-expensive-bar for repairs. Source:

  2. UK the joint-second greatest cybersecurity power in the world? Two reports came out this week which both aimed to rank nations in terms of their cyber security abilities. Whilst the results and methodologies differ, both reports put the UK in the top two tiers for it's advances in supporting organisations, public sector and the general public with a range of initiatives and services. The UK also recently announced the UK Cyber Security Council has launched its first two initiatives as part of its remit to boost professional standards in the cyber industry. Sources: |

  3. US and UK issue rare joint guidance in response to Russian GRU brute force campaign For businesses, this joint-statement has some solid yet easy to implement suggestions for preventing account compromises against any online/SaaS accounts, such as email, payroll etc. as well as securing remote access. The advice can be used for consumers, too, e.g. implementing a form of multi-factor authentication and using strong, unique and unpredictable passwords. Source:

  4. Microsoft hooks up with MITRE to map Azure's ATT&CK surface for 'proactive security' This is good news for the cyber industry. One of the areas which make our jobs more difficult in the cyber world is the huge number of different security frameworks out there. They often contradict one another, too. The more alignment we have, the easier it becomes to understand and implement consistent and effective security processes. MITRE's ATT&CK matrix is highly rated due to it's ability to map the different stages of security breaches and provide guidance on how to mitigate each stage. Source:

Until next time!

Photo by Vitolda Klein on Unsplash


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