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Security Lockdown

What is Security Lockdown?​

Security lockdown is a quick and easy way to secure some of your organisation’s most important systems. 

For £500, within 2 hours your organisation’s most critical systems will be recorded and the most critical three systems will be secured. This is done through a guided screen share with one of our consultants. 

Why did we create it?


“How can you secure something you don’t know about”

Many organisations haven’t identified and recorded their most important systems, making it difficult to effectively protect them. The Security Lockdown service starts by identifying and recording those important systems your organisation needs to meet its goals. 

Often there are simple ways to secure systems such as Microsoft 365, CRM systems and websites. The Security Lockdown service identifies the 3 most important systems, and locks them down by optimising configurations. 

What do you get?

  1. A list of your organisation's most important systems, allowing you to keep track of all your organisation’s assets

  2. Identification of critical systems which need the most security protection 

  3. Improved security and configuration of three of those critical systems

  4. An optional free month of our Security Journey Service 

Who is it for?

Small organisations (up to 25 employees) who heavily rely on technology but don’t know where to start with their security journey, 
For example, if you’re heavily reliant on your company website, social media accounts, CRMs, payroll systems, email accounts, data storage, cloud systems etc. etc.  

Price: £500 

Next steps


Book a call to get started here.  

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