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Security Health Check

Why a Cyber Security Health Check?

"No health assessment, no return on investment", we like to say. 

Just like buying medicine without consulting a doctor, purchasing security solutions without a security health check can be a waste of time and money. Statistically, depending on the context humans are more likely to catch certain diseases over others. The same statistics apply to cyber security. 

That's why a health check is a good first step to securing an organisation, especially if there is a lack of clarity as to how secure it is today. 

What do you receive as an output?

  1. A security health check report

  2. A security improvement plan

  3. A video call summary of what was identified, what our recommendations are and a chance to answer any questions

The health check will identify your security key risks and recommendations. You'll receive a written overview as well as a verbal summary. 

Implementing the recommendations will reduce the of likelihood and damage of the identified risks. 

You can use the health check to plan your strategy and cyber security investments. This ensures that money and time spent focuses on the key risks, rather than things which won't address the real problems. 

How do we perform the Health Check?

All information is collected through conversations and a security scan of your organisations website.

We will start by getting to know your organisation's context, vision and technology use. We then use suitable data (such as cyber incident and breach data relevant to your sector) and analysis methodologies to calculate the key risks and recommendations needed to get your cyber risk levels to an acceptable position. 

We also run a website security scan and other security tests to find issues cyber criminals can use to damage your organisation. 


For an organisation of 20 team members, the whole process takes no more than 5 hours of your time.

If you would like a Security Health check or want to ask any questions, you can book a free call here or get in touch.  

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