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Secure Startups

What is Secure Startups?​

For Impact Investors and accelerator programs, Secure Startups is a fully loaded security package benefiting all startups in your community with the tools they need to be secure. 

For one price, we research the demographics of your community or portfolio, and identify what common security gaps they face. From there, we design a security toolkit which helps Impact investors and accelerator programs assess the security level of it's portfolio, and put in place secure foundations so they stay safe online. 

Why did we create it?

Cybersecurity is rarely on the top 5 list of priorities for startups and scale-ups, and understandably so. At that stage, it's about building a solution, demonstrating value and engaging with communities.

An organisation which isn't profitable is often unsustainable by default. So of course, sales, marketing and product development are often in that top 5 list of priorities. 

We believe, however, that startups should have cybersecurity on their to do list. Accelerator programs and investors who want to help and protect their portfolio can make security a part of the agenda.

We don't like to promote the consequences of an insecure company. But it happens on occasion, in the worst case, that startups fail or are substantially set back due to security breaches. It isn't often the financial damage that hurts, but the deterioration of trust with communities and market perception.

The "if you can't protect my data, I can't trust you" debate. 

Thankfully, there are many benefits associated with a secure startup. There's the organic sustainability and stability of being secure, but also an increased level of trust and integrity.


Often, there are financial benefits, too. Startups looking to sell into larger companies often face bureaucratic tendering processes, and security is often a large part of that.


Having a good security story goes a long way with such tenders. And like anything, security starts with doing the basics right. Think passwords, employee training, backups, anti-virus and website security. 

We created Secure Startups to teach those basics and create secure-from-the-start organisations. 

What do you get?

A full packaged security toolkit which includes the following:

  • 1 x security research publication - which assesses the demographics of the organisations, and identifies key security gaps and recommendations for improvement. This shapes the security toolkit to make it tailor-made  

  • 1 x deep dive cyber Healthcheck - for one of the organisations on the program to have their security assessed in more detail, allowing us to learn more about the common security challenges they face. This, with the security research, further shapes the security toolkit's relevance. 

  • 3 x custom security policies - which can be picked up and tailored to each organisation, giving them the basic documents to stay safe online

  • 1 x security self-assessment tool - allowing each organisation of the impact investor or accelerator program to assess their own security, and get a security score and recommendations for improvement.

  • 1 x security checklist - allowing impact investors and accelerator programs to assess the security of their communities on scale.  

  • 1 x security awareness webinar - for all community organisations to learn from us as security experts, and have the chance to ask questions

Who is it for?

Impact investors, accelerator programs and impact hubs who are providing purpose-led organisations with the knowledge, capital and network they need to succeed. 

Especially those who work with a lot of tech-heavy organisations, which have online tools or collect a lot of sensitive data. 

Price: £15,000 

Next steps


Book a call to get started here.  

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