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The Security Journey

What is the Security Journey?​

The Security Journey is a human-led cyber security subscription service. Typical subscription services tie you into a long-term contract with a piece of technology or solution. Not this one. This is a completely tailored, flexible, consultant-led service which focuses on taking your company from no security to good security within 12 months. 


We know that sometimes things change. Companies get very busy. Resources get hit. So we’ve built flexibility into The Security Journey, hit pause or cancel anytime. There are no contract tie-ins and no fines or fees.

Why did we create it?


The typical consulting offer is normally a one-stop approach. You pay X amount to receive a one-time output, usually in the form of a long-jargon ridden report. Although these have their place, we believe that cyber security is not a one-time exercise, it is a “journey” that needs to align with your organisation’s goals and context. 


The Security Journey was created in order to make cyber security digestible, jargon-free and relevant for your organisation. It allows us to deliver you continuous value with measurable improvement, fostering a higher level of security maturity. 

What do you get?

A measured increase in your organisation's cyber security hygiene (typically 50% within 12 months). This means your organisation is less susceptible to data breaches which cost on average £15,000 for UK organisations, and have a knock on effect for the organisation’s reputation. 

It also means your organisation can take more strategic risks, knowing there is a good security foundation in place which makes your organisation more resilient. 


Peace of mind. Sleep better knowing your organisation’s data and reputation is being protected accordingly, and you always have an experienced security expert on hand.


Build more trust with clients and stakeholders. Tell your security story through a security page on your website which we design for you. Let potential clients know you take the security of their data seriously. 


Get compliant. The Security Journey implements great security with an organic by-product of compliance towards standards such as Cyber Essentials and ISO27001. If your organisation is interested in gaining such certification, we can build it into your Security Journey. 


Harness the technology and resources you already have. Once basic security technology is in place (e.g. Anti-virus, password managers etc.) we help you optimise the technology already in place, and build healthy processes to improve security rather than buying more technology.

For example, whether your organisation uses Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, we’ll review and improve its security but ensure employees can still work effectively and efficiently. Good security should not come at a cost of reduced productivity. 


Educate your employees on how to be secure online both at home and work. We run engaging training sessions with your workforce to help them be secure at home as well as work. 


Someone to look out for you. The Security Journey also has many behind the scenes activities. For example, we run regular security scans on your website and platforms, and keep an eye out for any cyber-criminal threats or security bugs which may impact your systems. 

Who is it for?

Cyber security is constantly changing. With the adoption of new technologies and capabilities, the potential risk surface is forever changing. Cyber security is an area that if poorly managed creates business risk. The Security Journey aims to maintain business uptime, lowering the risk of a potential cyber attack. 


The Security Journey is for small and medium sized organisations (less than 250 employees) who would like to build their security capabilities, but are unsure where to start. It offers a personalised but holistic approach, whilst condensed in a way to not overwhelm you. 


We are helping you secure your infrastructure, allowing you to continue being awesome!

How does it work?

The Security Journey starts with conversations so we can get to know your organisation. We also carry out an initial security review to understand the security gaps, priorities and organisational needs (such as winning new clients or becoming compliant). 


A tailored 12-month Security Journey is then mapped out with an activity every two weeks. For example, an activity could be a security awareness session with employees, educating them on the common security threats the organisation faces and how they can be more secure at home. 

The following session might be on reviewing and improving the security of your organisation’s website. 

Next steps

If you would like a condensed understanding of what your organisation’s security levels are currently, we recommend taking our quiz. It’s short and simple and once completed, you will receive a percentage score. 

If you would like to start your security journey or ask any questions, you can book a free call here

or get in touch.

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