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Secure Passwords Forever

Is this you? ​
  • All company passwords being shared with all team members in a document

  • Sending passwords via slack, email and WhatsApp

  • Don’t know what systems previous team members & freelancers still have access to

  • All systems have the same generic password structure, and you hope passwords won’t leak but it seems overwhelming to tackle 

  • Gets locked out of online accounts weekly, as you can't remember which password or email you used "was it the one where I had to put an ! on the end"

  • You tried using a password manager, but couldn't work out how to use it properly 

We've recently had countless conversations with small, purpose-led organisations about their cyber security pain points. Almost all of them had one in common. 


One frustrated CEO even said "I would pay for someone to come in and take care of our password problems"

45% of breaches involve the compromise of a password

What makes this a perfect storm is cyber criminals have known about the flawed password system for many years.

Why would criminals spend time and money inventing new hacking tools when they can just log in to our accounts using already compromised passwords? 


When the first password system was designed in 1960 (yes passwords are that old!), it was never designed for scale. 

We can't remember so many long, strong and unique passwords for all the accounts we have (research varies but most studies suggest we each have between 100 and 150 online accounts)


Here's the worrying part - passwords are the front door to our most critical systems. Think emails, customer databases, payroll systems, bank accounts, websites, social media. The list goes on. 

And it doesn’t matter how small your organisation is. Password attacks are opportunistic and automated, rarely are they targeted. 

Cyber security can be a real force for good. It helps purpose-led organisations build and retain trust with their customers and communities. 

So, We've designed a service to ensure you never forget another password. 

You'll know and control who has access to what. All whilst stopping cyber criminals from getting into your most important accounts.

How will the service work?

  1. We’ll get to know your organisation, team members and important systems (we won’t see your passwords at any stage)

  2. We hold 90 minute live training with all team members to show them how Bitwarden works, and leave time for them to start using the new password system - then we return and help with any issues - we call this transformational training.

  3. We hold a separate 30 minute live training for the password manager admin - so they know how to add/remove team members, and share team passwords securely

  4. We hold a further, 30 minute support session one week later. We really care that all team members use the new password system seamlessly


For an organisation of 5 team members the whole process takes no more than 4 hours. The result is secure passwords forever, in a couple of hours.

So if you want to…
  • Stop getting locked out of accounts so you can avoid unnecessary distractions 

  • Log into websites seamlessly and automatically - but with better security

  • Lock the front door and make it 45% less likely your organisation will suffer financial losses, pain and reputation damage through a data breach

  • Know in one place who has access to what, so you can only share the passwords team members need to see


Get in touch below!


You can read more about why we think passwords are the most critical element of good security here.

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