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What We're Up To

There are always things happening behind the scenes at Practical Infosec. We want you let you in on some of that.

What are we working on now:

  • A report summarising the patterns of the Top 50 Data Breaches, researched and written by us

  • A cool incident response game which can make cybersecurity education fun and engaging

  • Our new training and awareness service for employees which focuses on behavioral science (and is fun and engaging!)

  • Collaboration - volunteering with the UK Cyber Security Council 

  • Collaboration - A deeper integration with UK based Cybersecurity clusters - such as the YCSC

  • Doing Good - Donating a % of our sales to organisations who are doing good things 

  • Building a referral agreement with trusted partners, who provide services that overlap ours  


What we have recently released:

What we are working on in the near future: 

  • Giving more value for free - in addition to our security score quiz we want to offer more value and help more organisations. Our plans are to release a basic security policy and a incident response plan which can be downloaded and tailored to any organisation

  • Brainstorming how we can better help organisations with no time and/or budget

  • Talking at a conference or event

  • Learn more about human psychology/behaviours/emotional intelligence and how it impacts cyber security

  • We aim to have a in-person working week during the summer of 2023 (we are 99% remote!)

  • Explore how we can add a phishing campaign into our Security Health Check service

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