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What We're Up To

There are always things happening behind the scenes at Practical Infosec. We want you let you in on some of that.

What are we working on now:​​

  • Building a mini-security healthcheck service for companies who want to see how secure they are but don't want a deep dive

  • Creating a light-touch version of our Security Journey service.

  • Exploring how we can help train people who want to get into cyber security, but are struggling due to the traditional requirements for entry level jobs

  • Coming up with a brand new service based on an awesome project we carried out last year. It is designed for accelerator programs and impact investors who want to cyber-secure their communities, startups and portfolio companies! 

What we have recently been up to:

  • Designed a simple "rate card" with all our services and prices. Ask us for a copy!

  • Doing Good - Donating a % of our sales to support communities with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (via B1G1) and to organisations who are doing good things to ensure that we make further-reaching impact in addition to securing purpose-led organisations 

  • Built a referral agreement with trusted partners, who provide services that overlap ours, if you would like more information please contact us

  • We launched our Security Journey Subscription Service - a human-led cyber security service which focuses on taking your company from no security to good security within 12 months

  • We launched our Security Champion Training - Our new training and awareness service for employees which focuses on behavioural science (and is fun and engaging!)

  • Launch of our new Free Resources page on the website 

  • Completed a 12-week cybersecurity business accelerator program in Manchester

  • Implementing a "Deep Work" schedule, using the insights from Cal Newport's book Deep Work 

  • We published the latest edition of our Positive Security Newsletter  

  • We launched a Security Score quiz - allowing organisations to discover their security score out of 100 in less than 5 mins. You can also make a donation on our behalf to B1G1 when completing the quiz

  • Completing our first exhibition stand at CIISEC Live 2023 and Love Business Expo 2024! 

What we are working on in the near future: 

  • Giving more value for free - We're considering launching a freemium subscription service to help organisations with no time and/or budget

  • Talking at a conference or event

  • Learn more about human psychology/behaviours/emotional intelligence and how it impacts cyber security

  • Explorog how we can add a phishing campaign into our Security Health Check service

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