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Security Champion Training

What is the Security Champion Training?​

Security Champion Training sessions are human-led, engaging training and awareness sessions which teach your employees how to stay safe at home and work. We don’t just show your employees a boring slide deck. We play engaging games, run challenges and encourage interaction and question asking. 


The result is a more aware and engaged workforce, who can better protect themselves at home and at work, reducing the chances of a data breach.

Why did we create it?


We often hear how a significant portion of data breaches are due to humans (74% involve a “human element” according to Verizon’s 2023 Data Breach Investigations Report). This sometimes creates a blame culture of portraying us humans as the largest weakness. 


However, we are in fact the greatest asset. We should be made aware of the digital threats, presented in a way that creates positive behaviour change, rather than a tick box exercise. 


As a result, we created Security Champion Training as a service that educates your employees in an engaging, interactive way.

What do you get?

Employees who can better protect themselves and your organisation from costly and reputation damaging security incidents. 


To be more precise, employees will be better able to spot phishing emails, understand the most common types of techniques used by cybercriminals, and will know how to protect their devices and data. They will also have been signed up to free services which help improve their online safety.  


Your employees will be educated on safe cyber practises to follow, which can be used both in the workplace and their home environment. 

Who is it for?

Security Champion Training is ideal for small and medium sized organisations (less than 250 employees) looking to build an organisational culture, mindful of common digital threats. It covers the leading causes of data breaches and how employees can armour themselves accordingly. 


The sessions are split into two categories: 

1: technical employees - we focus more on the technical side of security such as how to develop secure software and prioritise security vulnerabilities  

2: all other employees - we focus on the common causes of breaches, how employees can spot something suspicious and how to keep their devices and data secure, both at home and work.

How does it work?

Our experienced consultants run virtual, live engaging sessions at a time which is convenient for your employees. There are 3 training sessions in total and each session lasts 1 hour each. The sessions are split up over a period of weeks to reinforce the behaviour changes. 

Next steps

If you would like to use our Security Champion Training to up-skill your team or ask any questions, you can book a free call here or get in touch

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