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Complimentary Cyber Security Support For Charities

As far as we're aware, Practical Infosec are the only cyber security company that offers 25% of their time to providing complimentary security advice to charities, nonprofits, NGO’s and other organisations who provide relief to the less fortunate.

Why? It’s hard to give back to the world working in the cyber security industry. This way, we can provide help using our expertise because such organisations cannot always afford or access such help.

We also recently joined as a volunteer at The Cyber Helpline. They are a nonprofit completely run by volunteers supporting victims of cybercrime who have nobody to turn to.

You can help them by joining as a volunteer, donating or raising awareness of the good they are bringing to the world.

If you want to receive our complimentary cyber security advice, simply fill out our form and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Whilst we cannot guarantee help for everyone, we can do our bit to make practical cyber security help accessible to all.


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