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Cyber Security for a Sustainable World


We provide practical security advice for purpose-led organisations - helping them make a greater impact in the world

Our Services

All of our services start with a context gathering call so we can better understand your organisation and requirements

Our Services

We identify gaps and recommendations for minimising the most common types of security breaches

Improve your security with  The Security Journey

A fully tailored, flexible, consultant-led service which takes your company from low security to good security within 12 months. 

Improve your security with  Secure Passwords Forever

Passwords are your front-door - we help you lock them to save time and eliminate one of the most common security breaches

We help you build out an Information Security Management System (ISMS) and implement the ISO 27001 framework


I think the company itself, without your help, would have not been able to come up with a very concrete action plan toward improving their cybersecurity.

"For others operating in the SME and  social impact space, your ability to design solutions for what we really need has been very useful."

Peter Huisman, Lead Tech Venture Builder - Persistent,

referring to a deep dive Security Health Check for one of EEGF’s portfolio companies (read more here)

"The simplicity of the advice and guidance that we were given meant we could implement things very quickly"

Richard Wain, Director - Vu Online


Awesome organisations we're members of

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