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Positive Security News - Edition 7

After a lovely vacation in the north of Spain, I can only imagine how starved my millions of subscribers are of their weekly dose of positive cyber security news. Well, fear not.

  1. Data protection 'shake-up' takes aim at cookie pop-ups Supposedly, a new chap at the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) will take a hard look at the arguably useless cookie notifications we are now accustomed to when browsing the web. This is great news, frankly, as the pop-ups do my head in. Frustratingly, they make it easy for us to select 'accept all' rather than reject them; forcing us to click a few more times if we don't actually want cookies to track our web activity. Fingers crossed the new ICO chap has this seen to soon enough. Source: BBC Technology

  2. Disgruntled ransomware affiliate leaks the Conti gang’s technical manuals This one is beautiful. We often talk of the 'insider threat' within the cyber security domain and how companies should pay some attention to it, despite how unlikely it may be to most. To read of an insider threat job at an organised cyber crime group is rather satisfying. Clearly, a good company culture and fair pay is just as key to criminal organisations. Gold dust such as cyber criminal's internal technical manuals should be used by companies IT and security teams to better detect ransomware techniques within their networks. Indicators of compromise such as IP addresses and domains may well change over time, but the techniques and principles used by ransomware gangs will remain, for example looking for logs related to dumped passwords from Active Directory (NTDS dumping), or the deletion of shadow volume copies on servers. Here's another similar gem. Source: TheRecord | BleepingComputer

  3. VR helps Indians and Pakistanis visit their lost homes And for some purely heart-warming and creative use of virtual reality technology, check out the video below. Source: BBC Technology

Photo by Alex Haney on Unsplash


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