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Positive Security News - Edition 12

Hello all, another week another roundup! Welcome back to the Positive Security News where it's not all doom and gloom in the cyber security industry!

Apologies for the delay! Our hearts goes out to the millions of content-starved viewers we left famished. To make up for it we've decided to make this weeks Positive Security News a more detailed one!

Lets get into it!

1. Amendment to Online Harms Bill introduces legislation against "Cyber-flashing"

A new bill, introducing stricter policies regarding harmful content online, has been entered into parliament.

It allows Ofcom, the regulatory and competition authority for broadcasting, telecommunications and postal industries, to fine firms and block access to websites that don't comply with these policies.

Possible examples of what websites may need to regulate to be compliant with this bill could include "material promoting self-harm, eating disorders or harassment".

Further elements of this bill includes:

  • Criminalising the sending of unsolicited sexual images to people using social media, known as cyber-flashing

  • Giving people the right to appeal if they feel their social media posts were removed unfairly

  • Preventing online scams, such as paid-for fraudulent adverts, investment fraud and romance scammers

  • Requiring pornography websites to verify their users' ages

Nadine Dorries, the legend herself, said "Tech firms haven't been held to account when harm, abuse and criminal behaviour have run riot on their platform". Couldn't agree more, Nadine!

It's safe to say online regulations could do with a revisit, especially when you take into consideration the enormous amount of malicious data.

2. More Conti Ransomware Source Code Leaks

That's right the leaks are still going! To keep it brief, Conti, one of the most active and malicious Ransomware gangs out there, have been hit with an attack, leaking the internal workings for their organisation.

The culprit was one of Conti's very own, taking revenge after the group publicly announced their loyalty to Russia. In an act to show their support to Ukraine and distaste of Russia, this member decided to retaliate by publicly sharing the groups operations.

The information that's being leaked involves of the Conti malware source code, an out-of-date decryptor (unfortunately), training material and groups chat logs, to name a few.

Since we've already done a piece on this (and to not repeat ourselves) we'll keep it brief but it's encouraging to know these leaks are still on-going. Be sure to check out the full scoop here.

The gift that keeps on giving!

3. UK Police make arrests relating to Lapsus$ attacks on Tech Firms

City of London Police have announced they have arrested seven people in regards with an investigation into a hacking group called Lapsus$. This group has taken responsibility to a host of recent cyberattacks against companies such as Microsoft and Nvidia.

Lapsus$ operates to compromise these firms by persuading employees at victim organizations to provide hackers with access to company data.

It is believed that the suspect range between the ages of 16-21 years old. The investigation has traced the mastermind to a 16-year-old from Oxford, living with his mother.

Well this is definitely a crime that warrants more than just being sent to your room!

Source: Bloomberg

4. Fortnite owner Epic Games raises £37m for humanitarian efforts

Epic Games have announced they have raised a sizeable £37m ($50m) amid the conflict in Ukraine, aiding the humanitarian efforts.

The publisher of the popular battle royale game Fortnite announced on the 21 March it would donate all proceeds from in-game sales, including cosmetic in-game items and virtual currency (V-Bucks) bought in a shop or online, until 3 April to a host of charities.

This aid will be sent to charities such as Unicef, Direct Relief, the UN Refugee Agency, and the UN World Food Programme.

You could say that this is pretty epic! *ba dum tiss*, keep buying those V-Bucks!

And so that does it for this week's Positive Security News, be sure to stick around for next week's edition! Until then!


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