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Trusted Companies

During our adventure as a company so far, we have come across a number of companies with whom we want to shout about. 
Companies on this list are here because we've built relationships with them, we share the same values or perhaps we've worked with them in the past and had a positive experience.
Some of them are companies we've networked with who are simply doing great things for the world and need to be heard. 
GDPR Assist

GDPR Assist is run by Paul Strout, a qualified GDPR Practitioner and Certified Data Protection Officer using a process-centric approach to help companies with compliance.

Paul was one of the first people who offered to help me out when I started my business. He gave me advice on his mistakes and successes when he started out some years before.

The Business Network

The network has over 26 years of making meaningful business connections on behalf of members.

It introduced me to a bunch of fantastic people who I am continuously learning from and making connections with. It is run by Helen Bennett, a genuinely upbeat and kind person who couldn't do more for you.

Capture Captain

Capture Captain is a concept I just love. Run by the loveable Nico Jones, the Capture Captain mobile app allows members of physically dispersed organisations to create authentic stories using just their phone.

Nico demonstrated a heart-warming example of how the app can be used, when he set a challenge for his brother living 5,000 miles away in Colombian coffee farm.


Ian Murphy at CyberOff has an alternative take on security awareness content. He injects sarcasm and a slightly offensive vocabulary to increase engagement through entertainment. Here's one of my favourite examples.

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