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What's this? A weekly, positive security news blog?!?


That's right people.

It's time.

Time for optimism.

As you very well know, cyber security news, perhaps like most news, can be overwhelmingly negative.

Breaches here, vulnerabilities there, ‘sophisticated’ threat actors everywhere.

There are good things happening all the time in the cyber security industry. They perhaps get lost between the cracks.

What if every week, we found 3-5 pieces of positive security news and shared them with you?

What will we cover?

It could be the takedown of a cybercriminal gang, a free security resource or initiative, an informative report, or even a great example of how to respond and handle a data breach (it happens sometimes!).

Either way, we promise no negativity, no bashing and most importantly, no complaining about the cyber skills gap.


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